2023 Intermediate Dances

Tied For #1 Dance

1. 3 Tequila Floor

1. A Wild Goodbye

2. Face The Music

3. 21 Forever

4. Wild World

5. I Got A Problem

5> Drinkaby

6. Useless Excuses

7. 2-Stepping Around

8. Give Me Your Tempo

9. Driving in My Car

9. The Tree

9. Frisky

10. Tucson Too Late

10. Dancing in the Country


2023 Improver Dances

1. Memory Lane

2. Scootin Bootin

3. When You're Drunk

4. One More Silver Dollar

5. Might As Well Be Me

6. No Can Do

7. Lucky Megan

8. Last Night


2023 Beginner Dances

1. Stretchy Pants

2. Peaches and Cream

3. Black Betty's Worldwide

4. Jimmy Copacabana

5. Good at Being Bad

6. These Boots

7. Good Things Happen

8. Who Needs To Know

9. That Honkytonk Highway

10. Little Things







Memory Lane

Who Needs To Know

Outta My Mind

Peaches and Cream

Seduced to Uptown Funk

Stretchy Pants

Summer Celebration

That Honkytonk Highway

These Boots

Toe to Toe

Toes AB


2023 Improver - Intermediate Dances

2-Stepping Around

3 Tequila Floor

21 Forever

A Wild Goodbye

Cowboy Don't

Dancing In The Country


Driving in my Car

Face The Music


Give Me Your Tempo

Heaven's Jukebox

I Got A Problem

Last Night

Little Heartbreak

Lucky Megan

Memory Lane

Might As Well Be Me

My Broken Heart

Neon Hearts

New Friends

No Can Do

One More Silver Dollar

Scootin Bootin

The Tree

Tucson Too Late

Useless Excuses

When You're Drunk

Where Nowhere Is

Wild World