Cardio Drumming                    


$5 Members

$10 Annual Fee for Membership to Senior Center

Dress in comfortable workout clothing, sneakers and make sure you have your ball, sticks and tub. We will be doing some exercise moves , drumming and having fun with the music.

Unfortunately we can't store our equipment at the senior center. For transporting, some people use flat bungee cords (available at hardware, stores, Walmart, Amazon) that wrap around the tub and up and around the ball. The size depends on your Yoga Ball. Amazon also sells a large cargo net .


Equipment Needed

Yoga Ball - usually 65 cm, but look at the box for height guidelines You can order from Walmart or Amazon

17 gal tub with rope handles - available at Walmart   

Drum Sticks - available from Amazon 


I have drumsticks for sale Blue, Gree, Red or Black for $8 pair and can purchase a tub for you for $8.

I have a limited amount of tubs for sale $8. First come, first served.

Please email asap to ensure a timely delivery.


03/16/23 Hudson Senior Center

Our Circle was even bigger this week.


Warm Up

Sugar, Sugar

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

Surfin Safari 

Heave Away - New -It worked at home, haha

A Hard Day's Night

We're An American Band - New

Little Deuce Coupe     My friend Lisa McCammon's choreography

Cool Down



03/09/23 Hudson Senior Center

Welcome to our new drummers!

Great fun drumming, sweating and singing. The circle seemed to work out the best for everyone to see me, so we’ll set up that way next week.

We will be reviewing the same routines next week and switching a few new ones in along the way.

I’ll be making videos soon!

Warm up -

Sugar, Sugar (2X)

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 

Surfin' Safari 

A Hard Day's Night (2X)

I Ain't Worried

Giddy Up 

Little Deuce Coupe

Cool Down


03/02/23 Our First Class !!

Thank you to those who joined me in this inaugural class. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

The class was an hour, oops was only supposed to be 45 minutes. No wonder why we did so many routines, haha. That's ok we had fun with my "throw in" routine.


Warm up - I know, I know, a warm up after all that dancing.

Sugar, Sugar (2X)

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (2X)

Surfin' Safari (2X)

A Hard Day's Night (2X)

I Ain't Worried

Giddy Up (2X)

Come and Go With Me

Cool Down