Your Favorite Dances of 2022


1. Dim The Lights

2. Sweet Release

3. Don't Look Down

     Storm & Stone

4. Til The Neon's Gone

    Til You Can't

5. Dancing In The Country

6. Another One Bites The Dust

7. Cold Heart

8. Here We Go

9. All Summer

    Give Me Shivers

     If Not For You

10. All The Whiskey

       Late Night Habits

       Heaven's Jukebox

       Raised Like That

Honorable Mention 

       Ain't Far From It

       Moses Roses Toese

       She Don't Know



1. AA

2. Flip A Quarter

3. She's A Natural Country Girl

4. Rita's Waltz

    Senorita AB

5. Heart Shaped Locket

    Some Kind of Wonderful

    Wild Card, Wild Hearts

6. Cowboy Charleston

    EeeZee Boogie aka The Fighter

    Fun For All - Made You Look

    It's Easy

7.  Are You Missing Me

      Gives Me Shivers

      Lonely Drum EZ

8. A Beer With My Friends

    Come Dance With Me

    Champagne Promise

    Stealing The Best



1. Cold Hearts

2. Runaway Bay

3. 90's Country Girl

4. Keep It Simple