Class News and Recaps

Published on 17 August 2022 at 11:34

What a crazy week of dancing. From the air conditioning being broken and moving to a different space in Nashua to no dancing in Hudson. Epping didn't have that problem with the AC cooling on full blast! Despite all that classes were full and jumping with some new dances. Some keepers, others..... well, I tried.

Partners have gotten a few new dances during the Epping class as well. I'll try to get them written up for you.


With more new beginners coming I've been starting a little early to review basic steps. Here's the link to the video with beginner steps.

Continue to watch and practice especially the first 10 or so.


Nashua News- Signups Start TODAY for the next 6 week session starting Sept 13th

Show participants - watch for a separate email for more info

Nashua Beginners

Hope It's Hot Out - New   Yes, it was!!

Best Thing Since Backroads

Flip A Quarter

Dancin In The Moonlight - New  Beginner Version

Cowboy Charleston


Are You Missing Me

Blowin' Smoke

I Love Country Music


Show Practice


Nashua Intermediates

Lucky Touch

Storm and Stone

Everyone She Knows

Dancin' In The Moonlight - Review    Intermediate  

Til The Neon's Gone

Dim The Lights

Looking Up

Drunk & I Don't Wanna Go Home

Take Me Home

Cold Heart


Epping Morning - Intermediate

Wild Cards, Wild Hearts

Crazy What Love Can Do

Dancin In The Moonlight

Storm and Stone

Yeah Love Is A Cowboy - New

Alter Ego

Dim The Lights

Here We Go

Sweet Release

Urban Nights

Til The Neon's Gone

11 Beers

Yeah Love is A Cowboy - Again

Honky Tonk Floor

No Vacancy

Til You Can't

She Don't Know

Everyone She Knows

Summertime Paradise

All The Whiskey


Epping Evening - All Levels

Step Review

It's Easy


Hope It's Hot Out - New

Flip A Quarter

Eee Zee Boogie - The Fighter

Hillbilly Girl EZ - New

Half of Me

Booty To The Floor AB

Blowin Smoke - New ... Not so much

I Love Country Music Easy

 Feels Like Gold - New

Heart Shaped Locket

Wild Card, Wild Hearts

I Got The Keys

Everyone She Knows

Nothing But A Countdown

Sweet Release

Til The Neon's Gone

Storm and Stone - AABB dance

Damn Hole in the Bottle


Dim The Lights

Cold Heart

Give Me Shivers

Here We Go

Palomino Cha Cha


Hudson - NO CLASS - AC Broken

Should be fixed for next week