Class News and Recaps W/E 03/17/23

Published on 17 March 2023 at 15:04

Winter in New Hampshire struck us again on Tuesday cancelling our Nashua classes. We'll add another week at the end of the session to makeup.

We got our St Patrick's Irish dancing in this week with a few old classics as well as our mixer circle dance, well it started as a circle, haha!

I was in a silly mood this morning, so the dance recap has my commentary.


Tuesday Nashua - Snow Day!!


Wednesday - Epping 12 -2 Intermediate Session

New Friends - A Keeper, now that we have "touch and cross and heel and touch"

When You're Drunk - a Hit!!

Drinkaby - all levels can enjoy

Next To You - Most like dance, not crazy about song

Oklahoma Breakdown - I Tried, Toby ...

Pontoon - Oldie Improver version

Where Nowhere Is - Only a 2 groaner this week

Girl Crush - Classic Review - Slow and Controlled

Dim The Lights - Still a Hit, Luke!!

Honky Tonk Floor - Fast!!!

Dancin in the Country - - Funky heels!

Save it For A Sunny Day - Angles and 3/4 turns :)

Sweet Release - Still going strong

Gypsy Queen - Our number 1 from several years back

Askin Questions - Another golden oldie

Another One Bites The Dust - A favorite

What A Song Can Do - Another favorite, well written

Some Kind of Wonderful - Rod Stewart!

It Ain't My Fault - well, yes it is...

Til The Neon's Gone - A top vote getter from last year

Heaven's Jukebox - Nice music and dance


Wednesday Epping Evening All Levels 6 - 9

Memory Lane - A hit with All Levels

Drinkaby AB - Beginner Floor Split

One Beer - New 

Giddy Up EZ - New Shania

Fun For All - Been enjoying it to Made You Look

Drunken Sailor - New - with Stealing The Best Mash Up

Flip A Quarter - Great song and a favorite from last year

Hillbilly Hippie - Good song and dance

Wellerman AB - Fun Sea Shanty dance

Don't Want To Dance - Hip bumps . look right... your other right

AA - A favorite Beginner dance last year

Irish Circle Dance - Great fun!!

She's A Natural (Country Girl) - Another favorite

Stealing The Best - Our All Time Irish Beginner Favorite

Drinkaby - A Hit for most levels

Float Ya Boat - Older Intermediate hit 

Cold Heart - Our Number 1 dance 2 years ago

New Friends - Hit in all classes

Some Kind of Wonderful - Number 1 from a few years ago

Knockin Boots - Fun dance, great song

Down To The Honkyonk - Our USA boots in the house

Lonely Drum - Another #1 from years past

I Love Country Music - Easy dance, fun song

Shivers - Floor Split - We worked so hard on Julia's Intermediate version!

Razor Sharp - Give us room and oxygen after!

Drink In My Hand - I did spell it correctly this time...

Toes - Classic fun


Thursday Hudson Sr Ctr 9 - 10


Wellerman AB - Got you moving right away

Country As Can Be - Mash My Own Taters!

Irish Circle Dance - The pinwheel in the middle of the floor!

Fun For All - Made You Look Shimmies!

Watz Across Texas - Added the turns

I'm Good EZ - Fun, Upbeat dance

Broke - Another fun, upbeat - back row had the restarts covered

She's A Natural (Country Girl) - Another fun, upbeat dance

Stealing The Best - Lord Of the Dance, look out!!

Memory Lane - Challenge dance for beginners

It Ain't My Fault - Another challenge dance for beginners


Thursday Hudson Sr Ctr  10 - 11:30


Irish Stew - Irish Classic

Razor Sharp - Well done!

If Not For You - Nice song and dance - a breather after Razor Sharp

New Friends - A Keeper

Next To You - Turn to your right, unwind to your left :)

Drinkaby - Fun and easy, more toe and heels

Irish Circle Dance - Loved seeing you laugh and smile

Where Nowhere Is - A few less groans - good dance

When you're Drunk - changed lyrics to I Love you...

Here We Go - The Toe and Heel that started the craze

Sweet Release - A request from afar, haha

Another One Bites the Dust - Eric, you wanted to rest, right?

Til You Can't - Our dance motto

Save It For A Sunny Day - Nice song and dance


Thursday Hudson Cardio Drumming 11:45 - 12:30