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Published on 3 March 2023 at 09:16

Winter continues! Nashua new session will now start next Tuesday.

For those of you taking multiple classes from me, I have several email lists (that's why you may receive more than 1 email from me at a time).

For cancelations or info specific to 1 class, I tend to send an email to just that list. I try to keep it updated but...

If in doubt, check my website.

We added some new dances in beginners and intermediates and continued to bring back your "oldie" requests.

Some of the dances and songs were ok, others- well, thanks for trying them with me.

Cardio Drumming has started in Hudson, what fun! 


Nashua - Snow Day 02/28/23

New Session starts Next Tuesday


Epping Morning -Intermediate Class 03/01/23


New Friends - New (2)


Where Nowhere Is

Heaven's Jukebox

When You're Drunk

Dim The Lights

Cold Heart

The Captain

Save It For A Sunny Day

Girl Crush

Askin Questions

Gypsy Queen

Bring Down The House


Epping -Evening All Levels 03/01/23

Don't Wanna Dance


Giddy Up - EZ

The Girl Can't Help It- New

Hillbilly Hippie - New

Everybody Needs A Bar - New

Heart on Fire

Memory Lane

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Beer Never Broke My Heart

Road Less Traveled


Give Me Shivers

New Friends - New (2X)

100 Proof

Dancing in the Country

When You're Drunk

Where Nowhere Is - New

Feels Like Gold

My Tshirt EZ

Lovin' On You


Hudson Beginners 03/02/23

Come On & Dance


Don't Wanna Dance

Giddy Up EZ

My Next Broken Heart

Waltz Across Texas - New

Fun For All

Stealing The Best

All Good AB

Memory Lane

Hillbilly Hippie - New


Hudson Intermediate 03/02/23

Storm & Stone

New Friends - New

When You're Drunk

When Will I Be Loved

Dancing In the Country

Where Nowhere Is

Til The Neon's Gone

Another One Bites The Dust

Sweet Release

Don't Look Down

I Run To You

Girl Crush


Hudson Drumming - NEW 03/02/23

Cardio Drumming Recap